Your CPA Practical Experience: Public Practice, Industry or Nonprofit?

By Kate Jessup, Senior Account Manager

CPA chartered professional accountant practical experience reporting tool

You are on the road to your CPA designation, congratulations!  Now you find yourself at that crucial time when you need to make choices about how you will acquire the experience to complete your Professional Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).

It’s important to educate yourself on the options available. Public practice is often seen as the fastest way for aspiring CPA’s to obtain their letters as students are exposed to a variety of industries and accounting work. However, choosing to do your practical experience component in industry or the nonprofit sector can also be viable options.

The question to ask yourself is, “What do I want out of my CPA career and my life?”

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Your CPA Experience: 8 Questions to Ask

By Kate Jessup, Senior Account Manager

CPA program Practical Experience Reporting Tool PERTOne of the reasons for investing in post-secondary education is to expand career opportunities. The CPA program is a significant investment in time and money and you want to ensure that you are maximizing your career options.

Your Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT) is the final frontier on the road to your designation. It is important that your practical experience provide you with as many career opportunities as possible. If your PERT is too narrowly focused, you limit your options.

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Chuck Chamberlain London MarathonThe owner of Tomahawk BBQ restaurant, a much-loved institution in North Vancouver, is running in this year’s London Marathon to raise funds for the Crimestoppers program. While that by itself is remarkable, what makes it even more extraordinary is that Chuck is over 70 years old and has never trained or run a marathon before. He shares his thoughts on being inspired, being focused on a goal and being driven to do the unexpected. Continue reading>


Browns Socialhouse Derek ArcherAs Franchise Partner of Browns Socialhouse, one of the fastest growing franchise and restaurant groups in Canada, Derek Archer really knows something about finding your passion, learning the ropes and running a successful business. In this interview, Derek shared his thoughts on the power of mentorship, the importance of giving back to the community and what it means to be doing well by doing good business.

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Small Business Snapshot: Who’s Alan Anyway?

By Candace Nancke, Managing Partner

small business in BCLast year, for the first time in our firm’s history, we launched a creative ad campaign. We’ve had a lot of fun with it and it’s generated quite a bit of interest — both in our BC business community and online. Creativity and accounting seldom go together, but in this instance it worked.

We’re often asked, who is Alan? Or more often people will say, I want to BE Alan!

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The Big Phony: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Fake CRA Calls

By Alex Young, Senior Account Manager

protect yourself from CRA scam callsFor several months Canadians have been getting hit with aggressive calls, text messages, emails and letters from scam artists claiming to represent the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These fraudsters call individuals at home threatening penalties, jail, even deportation — and demanding immediate payment for “taxes owing”.

Typically, the impersonator demands payment by some unofficial means – often by credit card, PayPal, wire transfer or even your bank’s e-transfer service. According to recent news reports, the demands tend to range from $700 to $3,000. Many Canadians have been victimized, including seniors in Victoria. And there is growing suspicion that newcomers to Canada unfamiliar with CRA processes are among those being targeted.

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Lifestyle or Legit: Travel, promotion and restaurant expenses you can claim for business

Loren Nancke tips for business expenses(without landing in trouble with CRA!)

By Gabrielle Loren, Founding Partner

This time of year, many business owners are getting ready for summer holidays and travel with their family. With any luck, your annual business convention is being held somewhere you’d like to take the whole family. Or perhaps you’re visiting prospective clients while on your family vacation. Or you’re heading out on a reconnaissance mission to do some market research. We’ve heard all these stories and more. And while we don’t judge, CRA definitely does.

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Should You File Your Own Taxes? What to Know Before You Click

By Candace Nancke, Managing Partner

resourcesFiling your own taxes seems easier than ever, but how do you know what’s involved and whether this is a good option for you?

For some people it makes a lot of sense to use these free or low-cost services. For others, it may not be worth the time or uncertainty. And for many, especially those who are business owners or those with financial scenarios that are beyond the basics, you might miss out on tax savings that a professional accountant – a person with experience and professional judgment – can provide.

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